Our Story

Layla | clover queen

In 2017, Layla launched Gold Clover Company (GCC) to fundraise for a mission trip to Greece. Reflecting design skills cultivated through childhood and adolescence, the signature dainty necklace immediately garnered attention, and Layla subsequently transformed Gold Clover into a full-fledged jewelry company.

Five years later—in March 2022—Layla made a leap of faith. Armed with a business degree from Texas A&M University, a following of customers lovingly called “Clover Girls,” and a love of sharing her designs with others, Layla exited her corporate job to pursue GCC full time.

Enamored of the Earth’s beauty and the stones it produces, Layla now runs GCC with a mission of crafting each piece into a work of art that makes women feel beautiful. Her dedication to quality and creativity underpins the style of every collection, from the daintiness of chains to the customizability of colors and pairing combinations. As you begin diving into your own unique style, Layla invites you into her philosophy of faith, family, and fun—to join the jewelry journey.